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Welcome to The Hornists' Nest

Welcome to the Hornists' Nest, publishers of the Fripperies (etc.) since 1964.

In addition to the original compositions and arrangements for one to eight horns, we feature in Frippery style the Bipperies (for two horns), Tripperies (for three horns), Quipperies (for five horns), and Just Desserts (for one horn with optional bass parts). With the exception of the Just Desserts, all of the Frippery-style pieces are available for trombones or bassoons, to be used as a unit or with the appropriate horn parts.

Check our catalog for these recent offerings:

  • "Mini-Trips" - Eight short trios that act as a more gradual intro to "Frippery-style". Limited ranges make these suitable for younger players, but still fun to play. HN 100 (Also available for Trombones/Bassoons HN 100A)
  • "Bach Trios, Volume 5" - Arrangements based on three movements for solo violin, plus one Three Part Invention. Some of our favorites here in "The Nest". HN 101
  • "Two Brahms Pieces" - "O Welt, ich muss dich lassen" and "Adagio from the Alto Rhapsody" arranged for five horns.
  • Tripperies Volume 2 - Four more light-hearted trios for horns, (HN 102) or Trombones (etc.) (HN 120A)
  • "A Corni March" by Lowell Shaw - a whimsical opus for six horns, fun to play

If you have any questions or need further information, we can be contacted at:

The Hornists' Nest
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